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Be everything you've aspired to be in the world. Say something or nothing at all. Words are useless. Eyes are fluent. Don't just be. Become.

Before and After - san diego eyelash extensions servicesFashion critics, beauty enthusiasts and industry professionals nationwide have acknowledged Blink Lash Boutique as the premier Eyelash Extensions Services Studio. Several years of superb service, sophisticated presence and unparalleled results have made Blink Lash Boutique the only choice for 5 star treatment and quality lashes.

Say nothing.  Express everything.  Blink Lash Boutique stands for everything you are – a life of beauty without boundaries.

Classic Lashes vs Volume Lashes

Choosing the right look for you is important, which is why at Blink Lash Boutique we offer a variety of looks with different levels of fullness, amount of extensions applied, and style of extensions. Many people coming in for lash extensions are looking for a lot of fullness or volume, but not everyone has enough natural lashes to achieve the look they want with classic lash extensions. Sometimes even women who are blessed with full natural lashes want an even fuller look than what classic lashes can give them, and they opt for volume extensions to maximize the drama.

The difference between classic extensions and volume extension is the number of extensions placed on each natural lash. Classic lash extensions is the traditional technique of applying eyelash extensions. It is a ratio of 1 extension to 1 natural lash. Volume lash extensions is creating a fan of several finer extensions and applying it to one natural lash. It’s most commonly a ratio of 3-5 lashes to one natural lash. (See photo below)

Typically with classic extensions, the extension used is between .10mm to .15mm in diameter. The extensions used to create the fans for volume application are .05mm or .07mm. So each individual lash in the volume fan is finer than the individual classic extension. Classic extensions tend to create more of a mascara look, with each strand thicker. Volume extensions create a fuller, darker and fluffier look, and helps to fill in any gaps in natural lashes. If fullness is what you’re after and you have finer or sparse natural lashes, volume extensions will help you achieve more fullness than you could with classic extensions.

Since both styles of extensions are attached to each natural lash and not the skin, we are only able to apply as many classic or volume extensions as the number of natural lashes you have. So the more natural lashes an individual has, the fuller and thicker we can get their extensions. The finer and more sparse the natural lashes are, the more limited we are in the amount of extensions we can apply.

Since the volume technique requires a lot more skill, training and time for application, the cost for volume extensions is higher. Please see pricing below for comparison.

Classic Lashes vs. Volume Lashes - san diego eyelash extensions services


All Blink trained lash stylists are meticulous in elevating your eyes to a brand new you. We create your perfect look – guaranteed.


No matter your desired look, we’re certain to achieve your every expectation while your purses stay nice and happy!


We embody both professionalism and class in treating our clients – a passion that grows alongside our expanding Blink family.

Bashful - Half Set

Kill ’em softly with the subtle yet elegant look of BASHFUL. This modest set let’s you say everything you need, effortlessly.

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Want to make jaws drop? Be a BOMBSHELL beauty ready for your big night out, or even while you’re running errands. Just be ready for all of the extra attention you’re about to get!

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Touch Ups

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Lash Lift

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Bottom Lashes

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Additional Services

  • Facial Waxing
  • Brow Tinting
  • Lash Tinting
  • Strip Lashes
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