Is Mascara Harmful?
Posted on June 24, 2016 in All About Lashes, Beauty Tips
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At Blink Lash Boutique, we love how lash extensions can give you the option to ditch mascara!

Our Expert Lash Stylists often notice our client’s natural lashes growing longer, thicker, and healthier after switching from eye makeup to lash extensions.  Here’s why:

Beauty blogger Lindsey Averill received expert advice from Dr. Krukowski and discovered an inconvenient truth:  A tube of mascara is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria – cool, dark, and moist.  A study performed by the International Journal of Cosmetic Science took samples of women’s daily mascaras and found that 79% were contaminated with staph bacteria!

On top of that, mascaras are loaded with potentially dangerous chemicals such as parabens, phthalates,  dioxane and more.  It’s been suggested that these chemicals harm the body including the kidneys, liver, and reproductive system.

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Eyelash curlers and eyelash extensions are not compatible, so our beauties at Blink Lash Boutique get to skip the hassle.  As outlined in The Doctor’s segment here, eyelash curlers can cause serious damage to our natural lashes.  After giving up mascara and eyelash curling, many of our Blink Beauties report stronger, healthier natural eyelashes within weeks!

Blink Lash Boutique uses the highest quality lash extensions with a variety of curl-styles to flatter all eyes.  AKA: No eyelash curling needed!  Hoping to ditch your mascara as well?  Find out which look is best for you here! + Check out some of our mascara-free Bombshell Beauties below!

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