Can I Wear Mascara?
Posted on September 4, 2015 in All About Lashes, Blink's Favorite Things

Love your lash extensions, but want a little extra oomph for that special night out?  Most mascaras on the market contain oily ingredients that will shorten the life span of your extensions.

Luckily, Blink Lash Boutique carries mascaras that are compatible with eyelash extensions – specialty formulated NOT to break down the extension adhesive!  Take a look at our exceptional mascaras below:

Grande Mascara


Volumizes, lengthens, and washes off easily!  We are absolutely in LOVE with Grande Mascara because of it’s active ingredient: Sympeptide 226EL – which conditions natural lashes AND encourages lash growth!

Blink Noir Mascara 


Vitamin E enriched and deep, glossy black!  This mascara coats easily to quickly darken and define both extensions AND natural lashes.

BEAUTE Power Volume Mascara


 Bottom lashes feeling naked?  We love this BEAUTE mascara for top and (especially) bottom lashes! This wonderful mascara will NOT smudge or budge all day long.

 Be sure to follow our Lash Stylist’s top tips for wearing mascara:

DO apply mascara lightly (less is more!) and only to the tips of your lashes.

DON’T cleanse your eyes using a wash cloth or cotton, which can snag and pull out your lash extensions.

DO cleanse off your mascara and eye makeup every night using an extension-compatible cleanser or lash shampoo.

DON’T use waterproof mascara, which is sure to shorten the life of your extensions.



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