Bella Lash Cleanser & Makeup Remover
Posted on January 28, 2017 in All About Lashes, Beauty Tips, Blink's Favorite Things
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This fabulous lash cleanser is quickly becoming a Best Seller at Blink!Fullscreen capture 1252017 14002 PM

Our Lash Lovers are always asking…Should I clean my lashes?  All lash-experts know that squeaky clean eyelashes are extremely important for the health and longevity of Lash Extensions.  Eye makeup must be thoroughly removed before hitting the sheets each evening!

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We just love this Bella Lash Cleanser!  Here’s why:

Oil Free!

Made in the USA!

Can help extensions to last longer by removing oils that may weaken the adhesive bond!

May be used daily!

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Our Lash Stylists recommend cleansing your entire eye area each evening.  Just a small amount of the Bella Lash Cleanser on a cleansing brush is all you’ll need!  Wet the eyes thoroughly, then use the cleansing brush to gently lather the cleanser onto the entire eye area.  (Don’t forget to brush between the lashes!)  Rinse well with warm water, and lightly pat dry.  

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